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About Us.

Why We Built JobRudder

I remember talking a lot, and saying very little. I was sitting across from my boss, and he'd just asked me why I deserved a promotion.

That year, I'd delivered several large features, saved the company tens of thousands of dollars, and worked hundreds of hours of overtime. It had been a long, exhausting year, and in that moment, I couldn't remember all I had accomplished.

I didn't get the promotion.

My experience isn't unique. A lot of us have problems remembering and showcasing our achievements - when updating our resumes, during job interviews and performance reviews, when we ask for a raise.

Here's what I believe:

Updating our resumes shouldn't fill us with dread. Preparing for job interviews and performance evaluations shouldn't fill us with angst. Asking for a raise shouldn't feel like an imposition. They are opportunities to showcase all the good things we've done.

That's why I started JobRudder. Our mission is to help you get ahead at work.

- Mayowa Atte, Founder

Who We Are

It's mostly me (Mayowa, hi again.). I've been building products for a decade, for companies large and small, in multiple industries. Here are some of my favorite things: The Sound of Music, The Malazan Book of The Fallen, The NBA, and Nas.

When I need help (frequently), I reach out to a small (and scrappy) team of engineers, writers and graphic designers who are all trying to build great careers, just like you.

We build easy to use software, for the people.